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Automatic double weighing for cups FB100


Automatic double weighing for cups FB100


The FB100 automatic filling machine is an affordable solution to facilitate the production process with a capacity of 18 pieces per minute.

It consists of a 1.70m long conveyor belt, pneumatic pistons to immobilize the cup to the filling position and is accompanied by a weighing system to fill it with the required amount of product. It is operated via a simple touch screen menu in Greek & English.

Its function is as follows:

The weighing system is fed to a product in a 20lt silo and then driven to the balance by means of a linear vibrating mechanism. It recognizes the desired quantity specified by the operator. The product is then released into the properly formed hopper located at the front of the machine and fills the cup forwarded to the corresponding position. Finally, the product-filled cup leads to the exit where the operator receives it. If the operator does not pick up the cup, the FB100 waits for the next one to go forward. The cups are manually filled per unit by the operator. It is also possible to change the shape or dimensions of the cup by shifting the guides and changing the shape of the cup for the new cup, if necessary.

The frame as well as all the mechanisms that make up the whole machine are made of stainless steel, aluminum and plastic.

Finally, the FB100, like other Hellaspack machines manufactured in Greece, is made entirely of European and Japanese quality components, fully compliant with EU rules. and meets all safety requirements for both the user and the product.


- Maximum production speed: 8-9 pcs. the minute per weighing head

- Weight: from 10 to 1000gr

- Silo capacity: 25 lt

- Power supply: 220/380 V

- Power: 0.5 KW

- Air supply: 6bars

Machine dimensions:

FB100:           length (mm)    width (mm)    height (mm)

dimensions:     1750               650                 1700

- Weight: 140 kg

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